A Northwest Arkansas woman has announced she will be a candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2022.

KATV Channel 7 reported that Kelly Krout, who currently lives in Russellville, will be the first Democratic Party candidate to run for the office.

She told the television station that she decided to run “when she didn’t see the values that she loved and respected in her state.”

“We see a lot of newcomers in this cycle and I feel really strongly that the government needs to be representative of the people it’s serving,” she was quoted as saying. “I’m a parent. There are a lot of folks in Arkansas who are just like me. I’m an average, regular person, and we need more folks like that in government.”

Five Republicans have announced they will seek the job including State Senator Jason Rapert, Surgeon General Greg Bledsoe, Washington Count Judge Joseph Wood, former GOP Chairman Doyle Webb, and former Razorback and business owner Chris Bequette.

Krout was expected to make the announcement at three different locations including Little Rock on Thursday.