Killer Mike and 2 Chainz are speaking out about a proposed ordinance they believe may negatively affect minority-owned nightlife businesses in Atlanta. According to Billboard, the rappers appeared at a city council meeting Monday, where they griped about the proposed legislation, introduced to city officials as a way to reduce crime in the area. The bill, per WGCL, would allow the closure of any establishment deemed a “nuisance” after two or more violent conduct reports.

“I’m very blessed and I also like to be a blessing to others, and that’s what my businesses have allowed me to do,” said 2 Chainz, who addressed the crowd using his birth name, Tauheed Epps. He owns two businesses –Escobar and Escobar Seafood — in the city. “They need to retract some of the things they have on the ordinance,” he said. “And I think crime is up everywhere, not just in Atlanta.”

2 Chainz then passed the mic to Killer Mike, who questioned the city’s support for local businesses. Mike previously expressed his dissent for the bill in a May 10 meeting and noted that not much has been done since then. He said that nightlife was inevitable in a city with rapid development and argued that people should be allowed to choose among a group of clubs that include minority-owned businesses.

Mike highlighted that politicians “oblige” rappers/business owners when asking for donations to their campaigns and noted that the bill would “wipe out opportunity” for these businesses if passed.

City leaders have delayed a vote on the nuisance ordinance to further review the matter and will cast their votes in two weeks.

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