If there’s one person Keke Palmer would love to play in a film, it’d be the late Whitney Houston. Her desire comes from wanting to do the singer some justice and tell her full story, unlike the projects that mainly discuss her highly publicized lows.

“I think that with Whitney’s story, a lot of times people exploit just the more sensational aspects in terms of her relationship with Bobby or the conversations around drug use,” Keke said in an interview with E! News. “I think there’s so much to Whitney that has not been explored in terms of just her family and her relation to the kind of music she did and how that was accepted culturally.”


“There’s just so many other nuanced aspects of who Whitney Houston is and the barriers that she broke, that I think have not been as explored,” she continued. “When I think about her story, I just would want to show her truly as the sweetheart that she was and everything that she did that changed culture forever.”

Keke’s wish to portray the “I Have Nothing” star is not far-fetched, at least not in the eyes of social media users. Last week, a fan sharing a compilation of funny Whitney clips tweeted, “Keke Palmer and Whitney Houston act exactly the same.”

Keke replied, “Let’s get the movie made y’all. I’m ready to ACK, we abt to weep in the theaters.”


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