The countdown for American Idol’s next season premiere is officially on and, although Katy Perry sits behind the judge’s table, that isn’t stopping her from wondering what would have happened had she decided to compete in the reality singing competition.

“You know, legit, I think I would have a real shot,” the Grammy nominee told Elle in a new interview.  “If I went on American Idol, would they be ready for me? Yeah, I think so.”

“I’ve always gone my own way, and taken the road less traveled with my music, ever since I was 17. I got to the scene in L.A. and I definitely had a look of my own. I had a sound of my own, and I was not wanting to be a carbon copy of anyone else,” she continued.  

Katy added she feels the new, rebooted edition of Idol is better suited to her singing style and explained, “And in this iteration of American Idol, one of the things we’re so proud of is how many singer-songwriters it’s showcased and fostered. Obviously, there’s a lot of luck involved — as there always is in our industry — and timing.”

American Idol returns for its 20th season February 27 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.  Unfortunately, Katy’s one-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove, will not be up to watch her mom discover the nation’s next pop star because, as the “Roar” singer revealed, “I put my daughter to bed at 7:30.”

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