Of all the foods Katy Perry could have tossed to her inebriated fans at a Las Vegas bar — she chose oversized and floppy slices of pizza.  

Page Six reports the Grammy winner hit up a Las Vegas nightclub and had a unique way of winning over the masses. She whipped up a feeding frenzy by tossing pizza slices into the crowd, causing people to war over the cheesy goodness.


Aside from people being drunk enough to want to snatch a slice of pizza out of the air — or off the club floor — the “Roar” hitmaker tried to keep things clean at first. 

Katy began throwing pizza out on paper plates, but the slices never made it past the front row. A fan account shared a Twitter video of the magic happening, with Katy opting to hurl a slice like a frisbee deep into the crowd, prompting a mass of club goers to go to war over it.

Fans are now joking about the things they’d do to get Katy Perry to slap them in the face with greasy, gooey pizza.


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