Katy Perry‘s birthday was Tuesday, and she’s shared a sweet photo of her celebration with the two most important people in her life: her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, and their two-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove.

Katy posted a photo of her, Orlando’s and Daisy’s hands together with the caption, “Every time i blow a candle out i always wish for you. 38 and grateful.”


Orlando wrote in the comments, “My [hearts],” and on his own page, he posted a photo of himself and Katy with the caption, “Each time we take a trip around the sun and get to celebrate you, I’m reminded that on this journey together and whatever the weather I’m always smiling.” 

Katy responded, “love you to Pluto and back.” And in a demonstration of just how friendly exes can be, Orlando’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, the mother of the actor’s son Finn, left three hearts in the comments.

Meanwhile, some fans are joking that Katy may not have a heart at all and is actually a robot. Footage of her onstage during her Las Vegas show PLAY has gone viral because in it, she appears to be “glitching.” In the clip, her right eye is closed, and she can’t seem to get it open. She presses her finger to her right temple in an attempt to unstick it. When it finally opens, she carries on as though nothing happened.


“The robot had a glitch,” wrote one fan. “Mechanical failure…she even press[ed] the button to keep it open,” wrote another. “She lost the wifi connection,” a fan snarked. “Her program was resetting,” claimed another. 

Others joked that Katy is actually a clone or connected the gesture to a secret Illuminati conspiracy. In reality, she was probably just struggling with some extra-strength false eyelash glue.

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