Katy Perry recently teamed with Alesso for the track “When I’m Gone” and revealed why now is the perfect time to release their intended summer smash.

“We both knew we wanted to put out a great dance song and this was the right time,” Katy told People in a new interview. “We had the same goals in mind in that we just wanted to create an amazing vibe, and we wanted to just have that kind of sexy, longing, club vibe for the people.”

“This was the right time, right before I was starting my residency, and the world was coming back and everybody wants to revenge celebrate,” the “Roar” singer declared.

That sentiment carried over into creating the song’s music video, which Katy was committed to making perfect — even dancing in the water at three in the morning, about which she cracked, “It was not warm.”

“We wanted the music video to really match the song,” she declared, saying she fussed over “every little detail” to make it happen.

Added Alesso, “We wanted to do something that was cool and sexy that worked with the song and [was] very visually pleasing, and it just turned out so great.”

Katy described working with the Swedish DJ as “effortless, and easy, and cool” because they “had the same goals” when it came to creating the track.

“Alesso has no ego, he has the right amount of ego to be a DJ,” said Katy.  “Confidence, maybe. But it’s great, because ego really gets in the way of good work getting done. He was happy to take any notes, and when we came together in the studio, he was so open.”

For his part, Alesso said working with Katy was “such an awesome experience.”

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