Kanisher Wooten Caldwell explained why she is running for State Representative


With State Representative Vivian Flowers choosing to run for Mayor of Pine Bluff, her seat in the Arkansas General Assembly will be vacant and Kanisher Wooten Caldwell wants to fill that vacancy.

Caldwell, a nurse practitioner has filed as a Democrat and will be facing the Rev. Glen Barnes in the march 5 primary election.

She was a guest on the Oldies 1013 Morning Show and was asked why she wants to be in the Arkansas State legislature.

Caldwell said she has been a nurse practitioner for 23 years and then talked about her background into nursing.

Morning Show host Greg Horne told Caldwell that one of the raps about her is that some people claim she doesn’t live in District 65, which she is seeking to represent, and asked her if she wanted to address that issue.

She said she did not want to give her exact address but said she lived by the University.

As he did when he questioned Barnes on Wednesday, Horne said the Arkansas State Legislature has a Republican super majority in the house and asked Caldwell, as a Democrat, how she expected to get anything done.

Caldwell has been endorsed by Flowers.