Justin Moore’s fast-rising new country single, “With a Woman You Love,” is one of the most romantic songs he’s ever put out.

“With a woman you love, you’ll get home at a decent hour / Don’t need to look no more, ‘cause you’ve finally found her,” he sings in the chorus. “No, forever just ain’t long enough / With a woman you love…”

For Justin, that woman is his wife of nearly a decade and a half, Kate. But if Kate was impressed by the lovelorn lyrics of her husband’s new song, she hasn’t shown it, he tells ABC Audio.

“Maybe she is impressed. She plays it closer to the vest,” he says skeptically, adding that Kate actually had the idea to put out a song like this one, though her reasoning was more practical than it was romantic.

“She actually goes, ‘Hey, you haven’t put out a love song in a while. You’ve been doing a bunch of beer drinkin’ stuff. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I like that better,’” Justin jokes.

Even so, “Woman You Love” is special because it matches up with some major personal milestones. “She and I just celebrated, in May, being together for 20 years. And September will be our 15th wedding anniversary,” he details.

“It’s also our 15th year to do [music] at this level. So it’s kind of neat,” Justin says. “If I’m not mistaken, this is our fastest-rising song of our career … So it’s kind of neat that we’ll always be able to associate this song with all of those anniversaries.”

“With a Woman You Love” is currently inside the top 10 and rising at country radio.

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