When he was sworn in on Jan. 1, Circuit Judge Robert B. Gibson III became the third generation to hold the position.

Gibson, of Crossett, was elected as the Circuit Judge in Division 3 of the 10th Judicial District and replaced his father, Robert Bynum Gibson Jr., who retired last year.

According to the Advance Monticellonian newspaper, Gibson’s grandfather served as Municipal Judge for Dermott for 22 years before being appointed as Chancery Judge for the 10th Judicial District. He was sworn in in 1987 before a constitutional amendment changed the position to Circuit Judge.

Gibson’s father won the seat in 1998 and was sworn in as Division 3 of the 10th Judicial District in 1999 and held the position until retiring.

“The significance of this opportunity to serve as my father did, and his father before him served, is not lost to me,” Gibson said to the newspaper. “I will be forever indebted to the people of Southeast Arkansas for giving me the honor and privilege to continue this legacy. My hope is that through my service I give confidence to everyone that their faith in me to serve justice is not misplaced.”