Jon Bon Jovi is marrying his kids off faster than we can track. Within a few weeks in May his son Jesse got married, followed by his son Jake, who wed Millie Bobby Brown in secret. Jon is now sharing the song that he wrote for his daughter, Stephanie, who is engaged to be married.

Back in February Jon said that he’d written the “wedding song of the century” for Stephanie’s impending nuptials. On Wednesday he posted a clip of the ballad, which is from Bon Jovi‘s upcoming album, FOREVER.

“‘Kiss the Bride’ was written for my daughter, Stephanie, who is engaged to be married,” Jon says. “I hope that you like it as much as I do, [and] maybe even consider it a wedding song for someone you know.”

“But my little baby, who I wrote ‘I Got the Girl’ for when she was 5 years old, is now 30 years old,” he continues. “Different place in my life, different place in her life. But she’s always gonna still be my 5-year-old princess.”

Jon sings in the song, “‘Just married’ sign, you drive away/ First dance, then you cut the cake/ We say each word and hold a glass up high/ You may kiss the bride.”

FOREVER arrives June 7.

By the way, Jon has one more child who isn’t married or engaged: 20-year-old Romeo.

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