Jimmie Johnson was disqualified from the Coca-Cola 600, after his No. 48 Chevrolet failed post-race inspection. Johnson had finished second Monday morning behind Brad Keselowski at Charlotte Motor Speedway. After the DQ, Johnson and his team were relegated to a last-place finish, and earned only one point in the race.

NASCAR Cup Series managing director Jay Fabian said the car went through the Optical Scanning Station (OSS) and failed the post-race alignment numbers. The failure was in the rear alignment. “It’s the same thing we checked at least a handful of cars for post-race after every event,” said Fabian. “I can’t really give specifics on the numbers. Yes, there is a pre-race number and a post-race number that does give a pretty tolerance (and) it was outside of those post-race numbers.”

Johnson had a chance to win his fifth Coca-Cola 600, leading in six laps during the race.

Johnson falls to last at Coca-Cola 600 after car fails inspection

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