Gotcha! Jimin is playing one heck of an April Fool’s prank on his fellow BTS band mates and their fans by taking over their Twitter account — literally.

Over 45 million people follow BTS on Twitter, but the account now belongs to Jimin and Jimin only.  He changed the group’s icon and banner to images of him, with the former being of him as a baby — and he also changed their Twitter handle to his name, Jimin Park.  

“I don’t know how to change it back to original,” he tweeted in Korean. “I don’t know anyway.”

But Jimin wasn’t done.  He extended his prank to Instagram and pretended to be Bang Si-hyuk, the founder of their label, BigHit Music.  Just as he did on Twitter, Jimin changed his profile image to that of Si-hyuk and updated his bio to “Father of BTS” in Korean.

As of late Friday morning, neither profile has been changed back to normal.

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