According to media sources, Democrat, Jesse Gibson is joining the 2022 Attorney General race as the fourth name to compete in the bid.

Sources explained that Gibson is a lifelong Arkansan and local attorney who will be running as the second Democrat in the race after the announcement of attorney Jason Davis on May 4.

Also included in the race is, Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin of Little Rock and former Arkansas Fair Housing Commission Executive Director Leon Jones of Little Rock who announced their bids for the Republican nomination within recent months.

Gibson grew up in Lead Hill and has been a practicing attorney for 22 years. He owns his own small business, a local law firm, and lives in Little Rock with his wife, Amanda, and two sons.

In Gibson’s recent interview with KARK, he said, “I come from humble beginnings. Nobody knows my name and that’s a good thing. It means the life I live and the work I do is about our families and our communities, not about a career in power and politics.”

He added, “We expect politicians to do the right thing, but too often they end up protecting their own power over ours. I’m done waiting around for someone else to get this right. I’ve taken on the big guys in the courtroom, so I’m ready to do the same in Little Rock as Attorney General.”