Jeffrey Neal withdraws from Ward 2 City Council race


Jeffrey Neal has announced that he has withdrawn from the Ward 2 Pine Bluff City Council race.

Neal made the announcement in the press release shown below;

Mr. Jeffrey Neal, a local business owner and school administrator in the Pine Bluff School District, announces the withdrawal of his candidacy for the Ward 2 Pine Bluff City Council seat.

In a released statement, Mr. Neal expresses the following:

“This has been a very difficult decision for me, but I have concluded that due to both personal and professional responsibilities, I cannot commit to running a campaign in the fashion that I would like to. I believe in giving 110% in all that I do, and at this time, I know I cannot make that commitment. I am very thankful for the many individuals who have reached out to me in support of this endeavor. Please know that I still plan to contribute in a meaningful way, and that I will always support our City, even when she takes her rightful place at the top.”