By Ray King

After seeing the number of patients at Jefferson Regional Hospital with COVID-19 drop to single digits in May and June, there were 17 patients being treated there Thursday morning.

On the Oldies 101.3 morning show Thursday, Erin Bolton, who is the quality and regulatory manager at the hospital and is a part of the COVID command center said there are another 10 people who are waiting for test results.

“We got it down as low as two COVID positive patients,” she said. “Our first high was 21 back in April, within the last couple of weeks we’ve been back to 21 and are down to 17 this morning.”

She said the hospital also saw upticks in cases after the last two holidays.

She also talked about how the hospital is taking care of patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Bolton said several doctors have been designated for COVID patients and the nursing staff for those patients is specific to that unit of the hospital.

Jamie McCombs, the director of marketing at Jefferson Regional was also on the morning show and said the hospital is taking every precaution to keep patients and staff safe while they’re there and has had to shut down visitation for now.

She also offered tips about self-protection and explained how to get a test for COVID-19.

The hospital is currently using two types of tests, one a rapid test which produces results in a short period of time and the second which requires the sample collected to be sent to a laboratory that contracts with the hospital and which can take up to seven days for results to be reported.

Bolton said the supply of rapid test material is very limited and is used only for the sickest patients.

In addition, only those patients who show symptoms are tested due to a lack of supplies, she said.