Jefferson Regional Hospital hosted a COVID-19 Remembrance Day


By Deseray McKinzy

Jefferson Regional Hospital hosted a COVID-19 Remembrance Day Thursday to address the year anniversary of the pandemic and highlight those that were affected or lost their lives due to the virus.  President and CEO of the Hospital Brian Thomas spoke about this day and their experience with the first patient to test positive in the state.

Over the course of the year, JRH conducted 21,000 COVID-19 tests, recorded 135 deaths, treated over 900 in patients and 1,928 out patients. Patient number zero, James Black was recognized and honored as one of the in-patients that survived the virus after three months under the care of JRH.

Government Asa Hutchinson joined JRH to recognize this day in history and express his thanks to the healthcare officials and staff as they progressed through the year. Governor Hutchison mentioned over 5,300 deaths occurred in the state due to the virus and highlighted the rise in the percentage of state residents that have taken the first dose of the vaccine.