By Ray King

As County Judge Gerald Robinson begins his third year in office, construction is underway on three new buildings, including a new health department, coroner’s office and veteran’s service office.

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show Friday, Robinson was asked about them.

Robinson said one of the major advantages of the public-private partnership is that the county did not have to go through the traditional bidding process in order for the construction to begin, and when completed the buildings will be leased to the county.

He was also asked if there would be more new buildings in the future.

Robinson said he had visited five other county courthouses since he took office, including ones in Saline, Craighead and Garland, all of whom have courthouse annexes and while it is important to maintain the historical significance of the courthouse, it’s also important to upgrade the technology which is difficult in the old buildings.

Asked where the new annex would go, Robinson said the plan is to build it on Main Street from the location of the current coroner’s office to where the election commission office is located, with a breezeway connecting the two buildings.