By Ray King

Jefferson County Judge Gerald Robinson announced Wednesday that he will seek another term,

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show, Robinson was discussing the status of the three new county buildings that are being constructed when Greg Horne asked him directly about his plans.

During the discussion that followed, Robinson was asked about the Saracen Casino, particularly since both he and Mayor Shirley Washington had been the subject of criticism because they had not received the money and benefits that had been promised by those promoting a casino in Russellville. While the big casino will have been open one year in October, construction on a casino in Russellville has not even started.

With money from the casino, Robinson has been able to give Jefferson County employees two pay raises this year, a 4-percent increase in April and another 6-percent earlier this month for a total of 10-percent. Sheriff’s Department employees have received a total of 11-percent and Robinson said the casino has “helped us get where we are.”