(L to R) Jefferson County Deputies Riley Ramirez & Nathan Jynes

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce a tie for the Deputy of the Month for December 2019.

Jefferson County Deputies Nathan Jynes and Riley Ramirez have both exceeded the expectations of a deputy for the month of December.

Joining the Jefferson County force over a year ago, Nathan Jynes expressed that he feels honored and privileged to be recognized as the Deputy of the Month. “It is a great acknowledgement,” said Jynes. “It is great to know that my work is not going unnoticed. It is also a good feeling to know that we are making the community a better place.”

Deputy Kaylon McDaniel described Jynes as a “go-getter” who is always looking to further educate himself in law enforcement.

Jynes is happy to have chosen The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to begin his law enforcement career.

Riley Ramirez has been in law enforcement with The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for five years, beginning his career at the Jack Jones Juvenile Detention Center. He is also honored that he is acknowledged as the Deputy of the Month. “Being Deputy of the Month is a good acknowledgement and a good opportunity,” Ramirez said. “It is nice to be recognized. We are just trying to make our community better.”

Patrol Sergeant Christopher Grider described Ramirez as a great and positive deputy to work with. “I don’t ever have to worry about not having back-up because he is always there,” said Grider. “He always goes above and beyond what is required of him. He is genuinely a great guy that really cares about the citizens of Jefferson County and it shows in his work ethic, attitude, and passion for the job.”

In December, Jefferson County Deputy Ramirez assisted Grant County Patrol Sergeant Chris Palmer with a traffic stop. The traffic stop became a pursuit in which the suspect had travelled into Jefferson County on a stolen motorcycle. The pursuit ended at a residence near the Pine Bluff Arsenal. The suspect fled on foot into a nearby wooded area. A search was conducted, but the suspect was not found. Deputy Ramirez continued the search. Later that morning, Deputy Ramirez had captured the suspect and taken him into custody. He contacted Grant County to inform them that the suspect had been located and detained.

Grant County Sergeant Palmer says to Deputy Ramirez, “Because of your work ethic and determination, you used the gift of law enforcement authority to make the world a better place in Grant County, and for that we say THANK YOU! Job Well Done.”

It is our sincere hope that you will join us in congratulating Nathan Jynes and Riley Ramirez on their accomplishment and in wishing them continued success at our agency.

***The Deputy of the Month is chosen based on a system of points totaled each month for every ticket, warning, incident, accident, general escort, building security check, D.W.I., drug possession, domestic battery, etc.