On his new double album, Macon, Georgia, Jason Aldean does some things he’s never tried before. First of all, the project was released across two discs, the first of which came out last November as Macon and the second of which, Georgia, will arrive in April.

It’s also the tenth album of Jason’s career, so he wanted to do something special. He’s never done a greatest hits package or a live album, and while Macon, Georgia doesn’t qualify as either, it does include some elements of both. Each disc ends with five live tracks of Aldean classics like “Amarillo Sky,” “Big Green Tractor” and “Any Ol’ Barstool.”

“The idea was to at least pull one live song from each of the previous nine albums,” the singer says. “Obviously, one album will have two off it. But after this long [of a career], you know, you’re trying to just get creative and find new ways to give your fans something different that you haven’t given them yet.”

But don’t expect a full greatest hits album from Jason anytime soon. “We’ve never done a greatest hits record. That’s been by choice for me,” he points out.

“I hope I got a lot more hits in the tank, so I don’t want to put out a Greatest Hits yet, because I don’t feel like I’m finished,” he reflects, but adds that his creative approach to structuring his new album was his way of giving listeners a little bit of that ‘greatest hits’ feel.

“I felt like that was sort of a way to do that, a little bit,” Jason explains.

Georgia, the second half of the country star’s double album, is due out on April 22.

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