It’s no secret that few characters in movie history are cooler than James Bond, which is probably why he tops a recent ranking of the fictional characters who provide fashion inspiration for fans.

Whether it’s Daniel Craig‘s sharp Tom Ford tuxes, or the fashionable ‘fits of previous 007s, the fictional character topped all others when clothing brand Superdry looked at just who we were looking at online.

Using data sourced from TikTok and Instagram, the company “analyzed the number of posts that 174 of the most fashionable TV or film characters have featured in regarding their wardrobe,” such as #jamesbondstyle or #carriebradshawoutfits, the latter referring to Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Sex and the City fashionista.

While Bond was the clear winner with 59,546 social media posts, Jennifer Aniston‘s Rachel Green from Friends ranked second with 25,641 posts. Some chatter dubbed Rachel the ’90s style icon. 

Rory Gilmore ranked third, with 12,189 posts celebrating the preppy look worn by Alexis Bledel in The Gilmore Girls

Leighton Meester‘s Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf ranked fourth, with 11,302 dedicated to her onscreen looks, while another Gossip Girl player, Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, rounded out the top five with 7,768 posts. 

Interestingly, for all of her designer outfits, SJP’s Carrie Bradshaw only managed 10th with 3,181 posts. 

Maybe Jimmy Choos can go out of style?

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