(NEW YORK) — Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock appeared on ABC’s The View on Thursday and talked about the high stakes in his race.

“It’s difficult to overstate how much is at stake here,” Warnock said.

The two runoff races in Georgia between Warnock and Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff have become a political centerfold as the future of the Senate rests on who will win in Georgia. Democrats need to win both seats to become the Senate majority.

If Ossoff and Warnock win, each party will have 50 seats, and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be the tie-breaker.

When The View co-host Joy Behar asked Warnock about Loeffler joining Trump’s efforts to overturn election results in Georgia, Warnock called Loeffler’s action “undemocratic” and “disappointing” to the people in his state.

On Wednesday, Loeffler declined to rule out the possibility of joining a Republican effort to overturn Biden’s win when Congress meets to formally certify the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6.

“Kelly Loeffler is consistent. She’s always focused on what’s good for her, and she’s demonstrated now that she’s willing to wage war against the voices of the very people she’s supposed to be representing,” Warnock said.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are clearly the president-elect and vice president-elect of the United States,” Warnock continued, noting that the Georgia election was audited and then recounted after the election.

“We’ve had three counts of the vote. The vote has been certified twice and the Electoral College confirmed that a couple of days ago. And now she’s leaving open the option that she would perhaps challenge it in Congress. I think it’s undemocratic. It’s un-American, and it’s unfortunate.”

In a one-minute ad jointly produced by the Ossoff and Warnock campaigns, President-elect Joe Biden urged Georgia voters to turn out for Democrats on Jan. 5 and made clear that the success of his White House agenda will be determined by the future of the Senate.

“Let me be clear: I need Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the United States Senate to get this done,” Biden warned. “There are folks in Congress threatening to do everything in their power to block our efforts,” Biden said in the ad, which debuted Thursday Morning.

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