Mariah Carey seemingly gave fans the go-ahead to begin thinking about Christmas.

The so-called Queen of Christmas took to Twitter to tease something festive and ominously captioned it, “It’s almost time…” She also shared a photo of her bathtub and an embossed bath mat embedded with her initials, but it’s the curious red robe draping off the steps that has fans humming with excitement.

Mariah followed up with a video of her in her bubble bath with her back turned to the camera, along with the word “but…” She’s wagging a finger as the sound of a clock ticks in the background.

She then finished the post trilogy with a cheeky video of her splashing in her bubble bath alongside the caption, “not yet.” In the video, she joyfully responds with “not yet” to a child asking if they can decorate the tree and listen to her smash hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Unfortunately, that’s all we have so far from Mariah regarding the holidays. Considering we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet, she might be saving up for a big announcement once we get closer to Christmas.

Still, this is causing fans to celebrate that the self-professed Queen of Christmas is “thawing.”

In other Mariah news, she has her children’s book The Christmas Princess coming out in a few weeks. The book, which features “Little Mariah,” hits the shelves on November 1.

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