Investigators in the Bahamas are still trying to determine what went wrong in the moments before a helicopter crashed after takeoff and killed seven people, including West Virginia coal magnate Chris Cline, his daughter and two of her Louisiana State University classmates.

The Air Accident Investigation Department of the Bahamas said via Twitter that salvage teams were conducting “underwater surveying and mapping of debris field.” The department said the operation has been underway since the crash of the Augusta AW139 chopper, which went down Thursday in waters just off Grand Cay after departing for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Authorities have said it is too early to draw conclusions about the cause of the crash; they believe a distress call was made, but only began searching after police received a report from Florida that Cline and the others had failed to arrive in Fort Lauderdale as expected.

Investigators Recover Helicopter That Crashed In Bahamas


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