A Jefferson County inmate, Markeontis Smith is recovering after authorities confirm he was attacked Tuesday night.

His Mother, Tanya Livingston received an anonymous call and was told to check on her son.   The caller told her he was taken to the hospital.   Livingston also stated  she was told by the caller that he was trying to call for help but was ignored for approximately 40 minutes.

Jefferson County Sheriff Lafayette Woods says Smith suffered several fractures to his head and the inmate’s eye is swollen shut.

Sheriff Woods says this was the first time he’s hearing of a possible delay in help but says the department is in the preliminary stages of an investigation.

Sheriff Woods says there is a witness to the attack and they have a suspect identified but officials are unable to release his name at this time. Sheriff Woods says the suspect could face second-degree battery charges.

Smith returned back to the Jefferson County Detention Center Wednesday.