Iliza Shlesinger admits at the start of her thought-provoking new book, All Things Aside, she almost stopped writing it because she was concerned someone “with no real agenda” would take her words out of context and cancel her.

All Things Aside arrived Tuesday, coinciding with the release of her sixth Netflix special Hot Forever. Shlesinger spoke to ABC Audio about why cancel culture is harming the arts and offered some advice to her fellow creatives.

Shlesinger took note at how cancel culture is weaponized to intimidate creatives to not try out of fear of being canceled. “People who don’t express themselves and are miserable do want you to just burn. And they think by you going away that they will consume your power,” she expressed. “It doesn’t work that way.”

And, in the instance something is said “from the highest light and someone does take it the wrong way,” she expressed, “People can pluck out any word from any text and it is all about the context. And I think smart people see context.”

Shlesinger is glad she finished her book. While it broaches lighthearted subjects, like capitalizing off millennial nostalgia and how to be a decent person, All Things Aside also speaks to serious, contemporary topics like access to healthcare. Shlesinger opened up about her miscarriage and the poor treatment she received from the industry. 

“I have access to, quote unquote, excellent health care. I’m of a certain tax bracket and I’m white and I still got this. So can you imagine how awful this is in mass for the bulk of women?” she queried. Shlesinger added she hopes that by opening up about the traumatic experience, it’ll help others “know you’re not alone” and spark needed change.

All Things Aside is available to purchase now.

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