Tim McGraw currently has his biggest hit since 2016’s “How I’ll Always Be,” as “I Called Mama” approaches country’s top ten. 

The emotional song about reaching out to your mom for comfort is the first taste of Tim’s forthcoming sixteenth studio album, titled Here on Earth. And the title track seems likely to be equally as moving. 

“That song, it just tells a story, I mean, which I love more than anything,” Tim explains. “And what’s great about country music anyway is telling great stories.”

“It tells a story from start to finish,” he continues, “and it sort of tells it in a lyrical way, about meeting for the first time and, you know, having kids and what life’s like and what the meaning of life is, Here on Earth. You know, it talks about what all that means and how important it is. And that’s what being here really means.”

“That’s what the theme of the whole album is, in a lot of ways,” Tim adds. “It’s just vignettes of life.”

Here on Earth is the follow-up to 2017’s The Rest of Our Life, Tim’s first duet album with his wife, Faith Hill

So far, we don’t know exactly when Tim’s next record will arrive, though he’s hinted it should be Here on Earth by fall. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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