(DALLAS) — Flash flood warnings were issued in Dallas Monday as three months’ worth of rain pounded the region overnight.

Eastern Dallas saw a whopping 15.16 inches of rainfall — a one-in-a-thousand-year flood.

During an average summer, Dallas sees a total of 8 inches of rain.

At one point overnight, the rainfall rate climbed to 3 inches per hour, forcing drivers to abandon their cars on roads.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said it responded to 133 high water calls. Dallas Fire-Rescue said it responded to 186 high water incidents and 314 car crashes.

This comes after the Dallas area faced an exceptional drought, the highest category assigned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The rain is now shifting east and will reach eastern Texas, northern Louisiana and central Mississippi by Monday evening.

Louisiana and Mississippi are forecast to get hit with 6 inches of rain in just one or two days, which could cause flooding Tuesday and Wednesday.

ABC News’ Kenton Gewecke and Melissa Griffin contributed to this report.

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