Lil Nas X is alive and well, and back on Twitter.

After taking a three-month break from social media — which caused fans to worry that something bad might have happened to him — the “Montero” rapper returned on Wednesday with a killer joke.

“why are people surprised i’ve been away for so long?” he wrote. “have y’all really never heard of maternity leave?” 

As you may recall, Nas X referred to his debut album, Montero, as a “baby” that he was “giving birth to,” complete with pregnancy photos. The “baby” is now six months old.

The star then teased, “i’m so happy i’m back on the internet. i missed me so much.”

But the best news is that Lil Nas X has new music for us: He tweeted a picture of two different songs — “Late to the Party,” featuring NBA YoungBoy, and “Down Souf Hoes,” featuring Saucy Santana — and asked, “Which one y’all want first?”

When Saucy Santana, who, like Lil Nas, is an openly gay rapper, reacted to the post, Nas announced, “we finna fck the summer up.”

Fans, of course, were overjoyed. One joked, “Ever since lil nas x came back i have gotten a girlfriend, a stable job, healthy hobbies that I love to do every day, my family has re-accepted me I to their lives and I’ve been the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I could not have done it without you.”

Another wrote, “he’s back!!!! the world is healing!”

But one fan cautioned, “Don’t ever do that again without warning us first!”

Lil Nas X will return to TV on April 3 as a performer at the Grammy Awards; he’s up for five trophies in all.

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