(NEW YORK) — The summer solstice has arrived and is bringing record-breaking temperatures to a large swath of the country.

The second heat wave is moving east after bringing the hottest weather in a decade to the upper Midwest, northern Plains and Gulf Coast on Monday.

Minneapolis hit a record-breaking 101 degrees on Monday, the hottest temperature the city had seen since 201

Houston also hit a record 102-degrees on Monday, the hottest temperature this early in the season since 2011.

More record heat is expected on Tuesday, with 9 states in the Midwest from Kansas to Ohio on alert for dangerous heat.

Chicago is forecast to reach near 100 degrees, the hottest temperatures there in a decade. The record temperature in Chicago on the summer solstice is 101 degrees, which could be challenged on Tuesday.

Over the rest of the week, record heat will spread east into the Carolinas and Georgia, where temperatures will also approach 100 degrees from Atlanta to Raleigh and New Orleans. Pittsburgh could reach the mid-90s as well.

Last week, a separate heat wave brought dangerous temperatures to the Southeast, Plains and Midwest. But the scorching temperatures were oppressive humidity levels, which are not included in the current heat wave.

While the Northeast will mostly be exempt from the latest heat wave, severe storms are expected Wednesday from New York to Virginia, bringing damaging winds and threats of isolated tornados.

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