Harry Styles is practically an open book and this latest interview proves it.

Speaking to U.K. radio’s Capital FM, the singer dove into his new music, starting with his powerful track “As It Was,” which dropped Friday.

The track begins with a young child declaring, “Come on, Harry! We want to say goodnight to you!” — a line the singer revealed was voiced by his goddaughter, Ruby Winston, who’s the young daughter of Ben Winston, a producer who worked with One Direction and remains good friends with Harry.

“She used to try and call me before bedtime every night and one time it didn’t ring or something so they sent me that. I dug it out when we were in the studio and put it in front of the song for some reason and I kind of just fell in love with it so it stuck,” Harry explained.  He also joked that, “She was asking for a big fee” to use her voice.

Childlike cuteness aside, it didn’t take long for Harry to switch to more adult topics — specifically, filming love scenes in movies.  The topic came up when he warned his fans not to watch either of his upcoming films — My Policeman and Don’t Worry, Darling — with their parents.

“I’m gonna have to do another one” that won’t have fans covering their parents’ eyes, he said. 

Harry also said of filming love scenes that he built a “trusting relationship” with his acting partners. “It was all discussed and all was it, ‘OK, above the filming, above the camera, it’s me and you and we trust each other and at any point we can stop whenever’ and all that kind of stuff,” he said, adding, “I’d never done that before — on camera at least.”

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