Harry Styles soothed excited fans who are days away from getting their hands on his third studio album by sharing a cozy unboxing video of the Harry’s House vinyl.

Typical with most ASMR videos, the sounds are amplified as Harry delicately lays his album on a patch of lush, green grass and flips it over to fans can read the track list on the back.  His tattooed hands, with blue-painted fingernails, then flip the vinyl upside and opens it to expose the inner cover, which is a photo of a grinning Harry posing for the camera.

The “As It Was” singer then gently slides out the bright blue sleeve and lets it rest on the grass for a second before switching sides to pull out the art booklet on the other side.  The scene then jumps to Harry’s perspective of him looking at his feet — toenails also painted — dangling in the pool as he pulls out the booklet.  He flips through the pages, which details song lyrics, promotional art and acknowledgements.

While all this is going on, the background is filled with the sounds of nature, such as birds chirping and trees rustling in the breeze.

Harry’s House arrives May 20.  It’s the follow up to 2019’s Fine Line, which contained the hits “Adore You,” and “Watermelon Sugar.”

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