If you’ve always wanted to visit Japan but haven’t yet had the chance to go — you should be following Halsey on TikTok!

The Grammy winner is currently on vacation and is trying something new with their social media: they’re making cute day-in-the-life videos about the fun things they’re doing in the country.   

Halsey’s first video was about the Japanese snacks they adore. They shared their “mini 7-eleven haul in tokyo” on TikTok. Halsey narrates via a soothing voiceover about how the various chips and candy tastes, as well as showing viewers the cute toys they scored.

The video went over so well, they made a sequel about their trip to Universal Studios Japan, which included a stop at Super Nintendo World and Harry Potter World. Again, Halsey narrates about the various attractions and also the cute food they ate during the trip.

After that video also blew up, Halsey shared a third video about their unintended side hustle. “OK, so I guess I’m a travel vlogger now,” the singer narrated while filming their amused expression. The video then switches over to what they did that day, which included taking a bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka.

Halsey also shared the doodles they made on the train with their new mini watercolor paint kit they purchased at an incredible “five-story” art store.

Fans are already begging for a fourth installment.

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