Halsey is the proud owner of not one but two makeup lines after launching their new brand af94.

In a press release, the singer debuted the all-new, Walmart-exclusive beauty brand.

“After listening to feedback received from fans and friends, I wanted to create another self-expressive line that was lower-priced with a wide reach,” the Grammy nominee said in a statement, “which is why we are so excited to be launching this new collection with Walmart.”

Halsey continued, “I hope wearing this makeup, however that looks for you, inspires you to break beauty rules and color outside of the lines.”

“I’ll always remember being 15 years old and saving up to buy my first eyeliner. It was electric blue and a big purchase for me at the time, but the thrill of wearing such a bold color was worth every penny,” they added. “I created af94 so that anyone and everyone can chase that rush of standing out with bold makeup, but at an affordable price.”

Halsey came up with the af94 name by combining the first initials of their birth name, Ashley Frangipane, and the year they were born, 1994.

The new brand — which launches July 25 at Walmart — offers new products such as colorful eyeshadow crayons, lipsticks, remover wipes, cheek and lip tints and body stickers. All products are completely vegan and cruelty-free.

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