(NOTE CONTENT) With the Super Bowl less than two weeks away, advertisers have been teasing their pricey ads that will air during the Big Game, and Gwyneth Paltrow is in the mix with a commercial for Uber Eats. 

The short is, literally, in questionable taste: Paltrow pokes fun at herself by taking a bite of that candle she sells as part of her Goop lifestyle brand — you know, the one that’s supposed to smell like the Oscar winner’s most intimate place. 


In the spot, a teaser of which just dropped, Paltrow contemplates the taste of the allegedly vaginal votive, and muses, “This candle tastes funny. Not bad, but funny.”

The ad is one of a series that shows people they can use Uber Eats to have other things delivered than just stuff to eat.

Another commercial has Two Broke Girls and Legally Blonde star Jennifer Coolidge biting into lipstick that an Uber Eats driver just dropped off. “Tastes like purple!” she declares, before chomping into the bristles of a make-up brush and exclaiming, “I love this!”


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