According to the Sheridan Headlight newspaper, Grant County set a new record for the number of people who voted during the 2020 General Election.

Of the 12,000 registered voters in the county, just over 8,200 voted, a turnout rate of 68.22 percent. During the 2016 election, less than 7,500 votes were cast. Over 6,000 of the votes this year were cast either during the early voting period or by absentee ballots.

President Donald Trump easily defeated former Vice-President (and now President-Elect) Joe Biden by just over 5,500 votes and the newspaper reported that Grant County was the third best in the state in supporting Trump with nearly 83 percent of voters favoring Trump.

Senator Tom Cotton received 84 percent of the county’s votes in his bid for another term while Fourth District Congressman Bruce Westerman collected just over 83 percent of votes cast in the county.