The Grant County Quorum Court met Monday night to discuss a new ordinance that will be presented at September’s meeting to create minimum road specifications and regulations for any citizen or developer who would like to give the county ownership of a road.

Minimum requirements include a 50-foot right-of-way, calculated from the center of the road, which will be required in all instances. Additionally, a 10-foot utility/road work easement – five feet on each side of the road – that beginning where the public right-of-way ends shall be cleared.

The county will require a pre-construction meeting between the owners or contractors and County Judge Randy Pruitt or his designee. The meeting must be arranged by the owner or contractor.

The owner will also have to conform to all storm water regulations and all road materials must comply with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department standard specifications for highway construction.

Any road bed must be a minimum of 29-feet wide with 18-inch-deep ditch lines measured from the top of the sub grade with 3-to-1 slope no steeper than 2-to-1 back slope, and the sub base must be compacted to 95% using a modified proctor to a depth of 18 inches.

There will be a number of other requirements if the ordinance passes, which are attached to this article, with a couple of key things to note including all testing will be at the owner or contractors expense and is to be done with certified personnel.

Additionally, a two-year maintenance bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit shall be provided to Grant County by the owner or contractor.

Grant County Judge Randy Pruitt spoke about the ordinance, and gave more details on what to expect if it passes.

Pritt also stated if after two years no repairs to a county road are required the bond or line of credit will be returned to the owner or contractor.

The ordinance will be presented for its first reading at the September 20th Grant County Quorum Court meeting.