Arkansas National Guard Soldiers and Airmen will deactivate and return home after being directed to support the Arkansas State Police in a civil disturbance mission that began on May 31 after the death of Mr. George Floyd in Minnesota.

Arkansans took to the streets of Little Rock and other cities to protest as it is their first amendment right.

The Guardsmen mobilized were specifically trained and equipped to assist state and local authorities with a variety of missions to include traffic control, crowd stabilization, and upholding the rule of law.

The deactivation process will include briefings, equipment turn in and a COVID-19 test before they depart to ensure none of the Guardsmen have COVID-19 at the time of their release from duty. Any Guardsman that might test positive may be continued on orders until they are cleared to be released.

The Arkansas National Guard assumes support roles to augment civil authorities, where needed and directed by the Governor, to help in a crisis.