A Pine Bluff organization is looking to help educators in its city.

This project has been in the works for over a year and a half and Go Forward Pine Bluff CEO Ryan Watley says this is good news for educators. “We want to start at the root of being able to have better schools in Pine Bluff and that starts with putting teachers in the classrooms,” he said.

That root stems from “Teach Pine Bluff,” a program that will be setting aside $690,000 for teachers in the Pine Bluff, Dollarway and Watson Chapel School Districts to create an incentive to stay in town. That incentive would be giving educators money to go and earn a master’s degree.

“I think it’s a critical, critical program,” Jerry Guess, superintendent of the Watson Chapel School District, said. “Teach Pine Bluff” will improve the quality of his district’s staff while helping retain as many teachers a possible. “Anything we can do to enhance the performance in the classroom and stabilize our teaching staff has a significant impact on our student body,” Guess said.

This is all a part of Go Forward Pine Bluff’s Educational Alliance. The $690,000 is supposed to help improve the city’s education pipeline.