“Watch out for the internet trolls,” raps GloRilla on a new song she released Friday. The accompanying video finds her climbing out of a troll’s computer monitor and tackling a room of them head-on. 

Speaking to Apple Music 1’s Eddie Francis, GloRilla explains that “Internet Trolls” is a reminder for fans to live a life outside of the internet, which she says includes “fake pages just trying to tear you down.”

“People, they don’t leave their house. They don’t get off their phone. They don’t go outside and see what the real world got to offer,” GloRilla said. “This the song, you know what I’m saying, to let people really know it’s a world outside of the internet. … Go explore it. So much fun.”

“A lot of people, they can’t take the internet … They let it get to them,” she continued. “And sometimes it will get to you, but at the end of the day, you got to know that these are a lot of times, it be fake pages just trying to tear you down. It’s just a lot of people trying to tear you down. Some of them may hate they self, but they want you to hate yourself and you just got to know that it ain’t real.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)


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