GAYLE may only be 17, but she’s already learned some hard lessons about love and friendship — which have inspired the songs on her new EP a study of the human experience volume one. And while the language and themes of songs like “sleeping with my friends,” “ur just horny” and “e-z” are pretty raw, GAYLE says it’s just a Gen Z thing.

“[In the past], people never talked about their problems, even like, depression, anxiety and mental health, and just, like, the world around us,” GAYLE tells ABC Audio. “And so when Gen Z specifically gets fed up with it, we can say more shocking things just to get people to pay attention — which seems so, like, shocking and daring to people.”

She continues, “It’s like, ‘No, these things have been happening for years! We just have to say such jarring things…either to get people’s attention on it or to acknowledge it.”

GAYLE notes, “I think for me, the easiest way…to process all of my emotions…when I’m just growing up and trying to figure out my life is [to] just write about it, ’cause it’s all confusing and overwhelming.”

The “abcdefu” singer just kicked off a headlining tour in support of the EP, and describes her live show as “just a lot of fun.”

“I do a Joan Jett cover…’Bad Reputation,’ and it’s like my favorite thing ever to perform,” she says, noting that the show features her and her two band mates swapping instruments and “just d***ing around on stage.”

And as for that volume one EP title…is volume two imminent?

“There’s definitely talks and…plans for it,” she reports, adding, “My goal is just to kind of keep continuing the sound of GAYLE, and..right now, I’m trying to figure out what that is.”

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