GAYLE kicked off her first headlining tour on March 9 in her hometown of Nashville, but starting tonight in Atlanta, she’s joining fellow teen star Tate McRae for a handful of shows. GAYLE, who’s 17, is excited about performing with Tate, who’s 18, and explains why she thinks her music will go over well with the “you broke me first” star’s audience.

“I mean, with Tate, she’s just a young woman who says what she wants to say,” GAYLE tells ABC Audio. “And I absolutely adore her and her music, and I think she’s so talented. And I think…a lot of the people that listen to her music are just like kids that are her age.”

“I actually went to one of her show afterparties, and it was just like, literally everybody that was there, and all of the people that were there to see her, were just kids that are her age and…it literally just feels like people I know already,” GAYLE explains.

She laughs, “It’s always like, so comfortable meeting those people who enjoy her music, because it’s literally like, ‘Oh, we’re, like, the same! What’s up? Hi!"” 

The “abcdefu” singer will be with Tate through an April 1 date in Boston.  Then, she’ll do a bunch of her own headline shows in cities like Toronto, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco before hooking up with AJR‘s OK Orchestra tour starting April 28 in Dallas, TX.

GAYLE’s debut EP a study of the human experience volume one is out now.

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