Ahead of the one-year anniversary of her breakout single “abcdefu,” GAYLE is ready to embark on her next chapter in music. She just dropped an all-new single and confirmed her forthcoming EP.

The teenage sensation dropped the experimental new track, “indieedgycool,” as well as its grunge-inspired music video. The song does channel ’90s grunge elements — reminiscent of HoleVeruca Salt and Garbage.

GAYLE sings — and sometimes shrieks — in the track about how she thinks she’s such a trendsetter and “everybody is copying me.” Her voice is masked with a soft, low tone as she lists all the reasons why she isn’t mainstream.

“I’m too cool for the radio/ Got vintage kicks, I’ma let you know/ Got champagne bottles in the bathtub/ That my best friend stole from the yacht club,” she chants in the chorus. “Parents got money, but they ain’t rich/ I got Gucci, but I prefer to thrift/ I’m hot s***, you know how it is/ I’m an indie, edgy, cool kid.”

That’s not the only new offering we got from GAYLE. The singer announced her new EP, a study of the human experience volume two, that’s coming out October 7 — the day before her new North American headlining tour is set to take place.

Preorders for the new EP are now live. You can also buy tickets for her upcoming tour on GAYLE’s official website.


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