(Note Language) It’s been roughly a decade since Future made his debut. Despite his time in the industry, it appears he’s conflicted about carrying on the title of role model.

“That s***’s tough, bro,” he tells Billboard when asked if he sees himself as a role model. “I think I need to be a vessel of what not to do. In some things, I need to be a lesson on what to do. So, I think you live and learn through me and if I have to be that sacrifice, I guess so.”

What he wants more than anything is to help people be “better than me.” He also desires more power in the game, as he says it would allow him to “put other people in positions [of power].”

Future also discussed his role as a father and how that would look different if he were married. He reveals that marriage is “one of my dreams,” adding he believes he can have both that and a successful rap career. But, he wants it to come naturally. “When the time’s right, it’ll happen,” Future says.

Until then, he will continue to work on his music, specifically his 10th album.

When asked how the project is looking for him, Future says, “A lot of money. That’s a lot of damn money.”

“My main focus right now is just to do something I never done,” he continues. “One thing I never done is make a billion dollars. I ain’t done that, so I’m focused on that.”

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