Fraizer talks runoff for 3rd Ward

After securing a position in a runoff for a seat on the Pine Bluff City Council Tuesday, Lannette Frazier appeared on the Oldies 1013 morning show Wednesday morning.

Frazier collected 406 votes, finishing second to 3rd Ward Incumbent Ivan Whitfield, who received 578 votes in the three-person race. Quranner Cotledge received 227 votes.

Frazier was asked what her strategy would be for the next 27 days before the runoff and answered this way.

Morning show host Greg Horne told Frazier that conventional wisdom would seem to be that people who voted for Cotledge would tend to choose her over Whitfield and asked what she would bring and make her different from Whitfield for voters in the ward.

Horne said Whitfield has been very outspoken against Go Forward Pine Bluff and outspoken in challenging Mayor Shirley Washington. “Where do you stand on those issues and would you support the Mayor most of the time and agree mostly with what she does and Go Forward Pine Bluff”?

Frazier also said she would not run for Mayor while she was a member of the council, a direct slap at Whitfield and Council Member Steven Mays, who both ran for Mayor two years ago while still members of the council.