In light of recent accusations of inappropriate behavior from multiple women, former Vice President Joe Biden said he will be more mindful of personal space — stopping short of offering an apology. In a video posted to his Twitter account, Biden, 76, said:

“Social norms have begun to change; they’ve shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset — and I get it. I get it. I hear what they’re saying; I understand it, and I’ll be much more mindful, that’s my responsibility … my responsibility, and I’ll meet it. I’ll always believe that governing, quite frankly, life for that matter, is about connecting. That won’t change, but I will be more mindful and respectful of people’s personal space, and that’s a good thing — that’s a good thing. I worked my whole life to empower women; I’ve worked my whole life to prevent abuse, so the idea that I can’t adjust to the fact that personal space is more important than it’s ever been is just unthinkable. I will. I will.”

This past week, four women have come forward to say Biden had made them uncomfortable with physical actions from him.  For years, videos and photos of Biden touching women in public have been circulating causing some to question whether he should run for president, as has been anticipated in recent weeks.

Biden posts video promising to change behavior after allegations of unwanted touching


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