In 2016, an incident at a Meek Mill concert left two men shot and killed outside the Connecticut venue where the show was held. Now the families of the men are seeking a $6,000,000 settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit against Meek.

On November 21, court documents were filed by the estates for Jaquan Graves and Travis Ward in which they explained they are willing to settle their separate cases against Meek. Both men said they would accept $3 million each to bring an end to the cases they brought against Meek, for a grand total of $6 million both families are seeking. Last year, the rapper was sued by the estate of Jaquan Graves for wrongful death after Graves was shot and killed outside Meek’s 2016 concert in Connecticut while he was leaving the show. A separate lawsuit by the estate of Travis Ward, who was killed during the shooting outside the venue, was also filed.

The families say that Mill, Oakdale Musical Theatre Company and Live Nation are all at fault for having lax security at the concert venue.  Meek has yet to file a response to their offer of compromise.

Meek Mill Concert Shooting Victims’ Families Reportedly Demanding $6M


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