According to keyboardist Roddy Bottum in a new interview, Faith No More have been working on new music. Despite the difficulties making their comeback record, 2015’s Sol Invictus, Bottum said “It felt really good and it was a really great exercise in taking us and our inner family sort of like creative process to the next level. It was a place that we kind of needed to go to make Sol Invictus. We had spent a lot of time sort of coming back together and getting to know each other again and making music again and playing old songs…”

Faith No More broke up in 1998 following the tour for their LP Album of the Year, which came out in 1997. They reunited in 2009 and delivered Sol Invictus in 2015. Last year, FNM frontman Mike Patton said that the band were, “kind of on a extended break and if something happens, it’ll happen organically and naturally but I kind of don’t think it will.” But when Bottum was asked if he and the rest of Faith No More are working on new ideas musically, Bottum says, “Yeah, that’s fair to say. Yes. Absolutely.”

FAITH NO MORE Members Have Been Working On New Music, Says RODDY BOTTUM


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