Tim McGraw and Faith Hill appeared on back-to-back nights of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week, each offering separate perspectives on their 1883 roles and more.

During Faith’s stop on the show, she looked back on her “terrifying” experience singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, saying that it was “the most extraordinary amount of pressure ever.”

By the time she sang at the Super Bowl, she knew first-hand the perils of what could go wrong: Early on in her career, she sang the national anthem at a Dallas playoff game, and completely blanked on the lyrics.

“I’m walking out to the center of the field, with this…very generous woman that was walking me out, and I say to her, ‘Would you happen to know just the first word of the national anthem?’” Faith remembers.

“And she said, ‘Seriously?’ And I said, ‘I’m serious. I’m very serious,’” she continues. “She said, ‘Honey, I don’t know.’”

Fortunately, once the spotlight hit and it was Faith’s time to sing, the words came to her. But she had a back-up plan — if she couldn’t remember the words, she was going to pivot and sing “Amazing Grace.”

“I thought I would sing ‘Amazing Grace’ and be forgiven!” she adds.

This year’s Super Bowl is coming up, and another rising country superstar will sing the national anthem in 2022: Mickey Guyton was just announced as the performer, much to Faith’s excitement.

“I am such a huge fan and supporter. She is going to slay it,” Faith adds.

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